Re: Skills instead of Levels?

From: Brett Helgeson (
Date: 07/13/95

I guess I will post them to the list if no one minds - I have gotten 
numerous requests for them. 

As for Multi-Class, I just happend to be looking at some of that code 
this morning! (good timing!) I can post that as well if interested.

Another thing that is kinda wierd is that I too am building Middle-earth!
However, you won't be starting in Bree =). On that note, I was wondering 
if anyone has upped the limit of rooms for 2.20? My rough estimate is the 
current levels give me about 35,000 rooms - I need more than that! Minas 
Tirith alone is close to 2,200, and Moria is ...well pretty damn big =)
(On paper its 1/10th done, and about 6,000 rooms)....
As for skills instead of levels, I would love to see some code for that 
(if anyone cares to share =)

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