Re: CPU time, RAM usage for running a MUD

From: Ron Poulton (
Date: 07/27/95

> 1. What kind of CPU time would, say, a mud with 10-50 PCs online use up? 
> 2. How much RAM do your MUDs use up? I expect to have a fairly large 
> number of rooms (not 1 million tho =) and the requisite mobs/items, but I 
> don't have a way to guess how much RAM would be used up...
> and I know this was asked recently, but I didnt need to read the answer 
> at the time, so:
> 3. How should I set up the directory rights? should I use 1 user for all 
> coders/builders? or should I have separate accounts? I would like to hear 
> from people who have this kind of problem. 

I'm not sure how much RAM the MUD here takes up nor the CPU time.  I've 
seen 7 users online at once, and that's about it.

As far as directory rights go here, I'm the only one with access to 
developing the MUD via shell.  Actually, I'm about the only one on the 
project until I can hire some people to assist.  I'll end up taking care 
of the software-based operations, and I'll get some internal editing 
working for assistants to develop zones.

> Oh yeah, drive space is gonna cost me $4.00 CDN per meg, one-time fee. 
> How much drive space should I buy? my mud on my linux PC takes up 10 
> megs, including .o, .c, bins, world,  etc... but how big do these things 
> get? I was planning on buying 20 megs.

My MUD's a good 20 megs so far, excluding backups ;>.  Whatever happened 
to the 50-cent-per-meg?  Or are you 'buying' drive space on the server?  
I've heard of a couple of noncommercial sites charging for such projects.

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