The CircleMUD with it all

From: DoDGeR (dodger@WPI.EDU)
Date: 08/01/95

Ephraim J. Lindquist writes:

> Ok you CircleMUD Imps.  If you want to see all the best of circleMUD
> including aliases, autoloot, autogold, autokill, great utilitys, great
> worlds, MOBPrograms (meaning a special MOB setup so you can easily add in
> special proc without the hassle, just go on and poke the guard or smile at
> some mobs), seriously hacked code, and one of the best God staff availible
> come and check out AnotherWorld.
> AnotherWorld
> Port 4000
> Rating: ****
> Check it out all of you

you could at least have posted some of the source, this is a discussion group,
not an ad forum.... sheesh
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