mortals forcing logoffs

From: William Karp (
Date: 08/01/95

Well, I know this subject has been talked about earlier, but I can't seem 
to find any info on it in the list_old stuff.

Anyways, some of our mortals have found out about a bug that is really 
annoying to others. When one person logs in and starts playing, someone 
else uses their name at the login prompt and then types in three bogus 
passwords.  At theis time Circle 3.0 dumps both chars, the one loggin in, 
and the one playing the game.

Any suggestions?  I'm out of ideas.

The biggest problem is, that when one person gets into an argument with 
another, they keep doing it to be annoying (works even with immorts) I 
think I remember that this bug might be fixed in pl9, but is there any 
short term fixes, besides banning sites (the majority of our players are 
from a small number of sites)

William Karp
ZombieMud 2150

If all else fails, hope you don't get flamed.  :)

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