Re: mortals forcing logoffs

From: Mike Zimmerman (
Date: 08/02/95

>How about this: when the prompt for the user name displays, and the user
>enters their name, it checks the users online and if that player is
>already online and is not linkless, the user will be warned as to this
>and will be asked for another name.
>This should fix it if you're only allowing one person per account. ;>

No, this won't work very well either. There are some cases(lag, etc) where a
player can disconnect and the MUD not recognize it. So when the person tries
to log back in, they are technically connected and still playing, so they are
blocked from getting back in, and have no choice but to wait until they are
kicked off for idling. Very annoying, and deadly if the player was fighting or
moving grouped in a dangerous zone.
Power only exists as long as those controlled believe you to have power.

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