Re: mortals forcing logoffs

From: Greg Alexander Irvine (
Date: 08/03/95

> >How about this: when the prompt for the user name displays, and the user
> >enters their name, it checks the users online and if that player is
> >already online and is not linkless, the user will be warned as to this
> >and will be asked for another name.
> >
> >This should fix it if you're only allowing one person per account. ;>
> No, this won't work very well either. There are some cases(lag, etc) where a
> player can disconnect and the MUD not recognize it. So when the person tries
> to log back in, they are technically connected and still playing, so they are
> blocked from getting back in, and have no choice but to wait until they are
> kicked off for idling. Very annoying, and deadly if the player was fighting or
> moving grouped in a dangerous zone.

well, a further possibility is to check the idle time for a player if
someone tries to log in under the same name, to try and cater for the
above scenario (and yes i know it well, and mudding from australia it
happens all to often :( ).

this has a fault, that if someone goes afk to grab a bite to eat for a
while, and someone tries to log in under the same name, they both get booted.
but depending on the time limit set (it would obviously be less than the
idle-limit otherwise it would be pointless), i would say a couple of
minutes, this is a fair trade off.

people dont often sit idle for more than a couple of minutes if they are
playing, so the chances of it happening are relatively limited.
so you can generally assume someone who is idle for a couple of minutes may
well be linkless but not recognised as so by the game.

so, to make it clear (cause having read it, im confused *g*).

a player tries to log on under an existing name.
check the idle time for the currently playing player.
if its say, less than 2 minutes, then "already playing".
it its say, more than 2 minutes, then boot both.

just my thought for the day.

Ted @ no where yet @ yet @ many places before.

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