Wait States

From: Greg Alexander Irvine (s9211947@arcadia.cs.rmit.edu.au)
Date: 08/03/95

> 	Does anyone know how to use wait states so that when a player 
> casts a spell it waits a few pulses/ticks before the effect goes off?  I 
> seem only to be able to make the character wait AFTER the spell has been 
> completed.

easy...  just put the WAIT_STATE at the BEGINNING of do_cast() or is it
cast_spell.. whichever function the wait is at.  (although if you dont
want a wait if the spell doesn't exist you may need to put it AFTER its
worked out the spells exist, but BEFORE it actually casts it.

it will be one of the above two functions,  (im not sure cause im not at
home), but i lean towards do_cast.  

Ted @ no where yet, yet @ many places before.

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