Wait States

From: Giao H Phan (gphan@sas.upenn.edu)
Date: 08/06/95

Sean Mountcastle wrote:
> 	Does anyone know how to use wait states so that when a player 
> casts a spell it waits a few pulses/ticks before the effect goes off?  I 
> seem only to be able to make the character wait AFTER the spell has been 
> completed.
> 	Thanks in advance,
> 	- Sean

this is one reason why we aint releasing our parser, it's bin so butchered :)
you need to parse the spell/skill first, assign a wait-state. when the 
wait-state runs out, check to see if the char was casting/usin a skill, 
and if so, complete the parsing measures and execute the skill/spell. it 
aint pretty in code, but looks great in the game. you may also want to 
add post-skill/spell lag. some skills should lag more prior to 
execution, some should lag more after execution. you'll see the wisdom 
in this...

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