Re: affect multiplies

From: The Mighty Spaz Twit (
Date: 08/06/95

On Sun, 6 Aug 1995, Kevin wrote:

> 	Ok, in the magic.c I see how to do applies that simply add or subtract,
> how would I go about doing an affect that multiplies?  Basically, I'm adding a
> spell that when cast, causes the player to do 2x their normal damage, however
> the mob they are fighting will never miss them.  Any ideas?  I know it's an
> affect on damroll, but not sure if the could handles multiplies.
to multiply damage by 2, the variable is 'dam', in (i think) do_hit.
damroll has nothing to do with it.

search for (approx) 

ok. we know the guy has been hit.

after this you will see some code that adds damroll, weapon damage, 
strength modifier. after this, just multiply dam by 2. 

jeez, just try to look for yourself, if i can figure it out, so can you.

> 					-Kevin

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