Re: Wait States

From: Lincoln Chan (linc@CSUA.Berkeley.EDU)
Date: 08/02/95

Ok, check this out...wait state just puts a lagger on the character input,
that's all!  It doesn't stop the mud or the character from running its
subroutines.  Now, the closest thing I can think of which you can do is
fairly complex.  It'd probably a living hell for you to code, but when
finished, would accomplish what you'd want it to do...

First, study the bloody affect_to_char'll need to understand
how that works!  What you're going to do is essentially create a structure
that's part of your char_data.  In this structure, you'll need to include
what spell was casted, at who, and how much longer it has to wait.

Then, you'll have to write a void routine which counts down everyone of
these structures which exist on your character.  (See where the
affect code comes in?  It's like counting down the duration of a spell,
except in this case, you're going to run this countdown every 1 or 2
seconds instead of 70 seconds.)

Finally, when this "structure" gets "unaffected", you'll do a quick check
to see if the victim is still in the room...and then fire off the spell
that was waiting to be casted all this time.

You *could* attempt to use the present state affect structure to do this...
Add a new structure which basically lets the updater know if it should
be updated every 70 seconds, or every 2 seconds.

What it basically boils down to is this:  You cast 'instakill' on the
victim.  You need to wait 2 seconds while your fingers twiddle to actually
get this spell going.  Meanwhile, your target is dancing in your face
and kicking your ass.  Finally, the 2 seconds are up, and after checking
to see that the victim is still alive an in the room, you blast his ass.

Simple...when you cast 'instakill', affect your character with some hokie
"invisible" spell called "waitstate".  This spell duration counts down
every second instead of every tick (thus, the duration of 2 would be gone
in 2 seconds).  When the spell is unaffect_from_char, quick check...was
the spell a waitstate spell?  Yes?  Then blast the victim!

Heh, this sounds pretty confusing and all...but the hardest part is adding
that small structure into affects that tells the mud if the affect is a
70 second per duration affect, or a 1 second per duration affect.

After's all pretty easy.  Sorry for the long post, looks like
I got carried away with this idea.

linc aka Aladdin of Eternity DikuMUD

PS: to clarify what I mean by using the existing structure, just use
    af.modify to be what spell it is and add as a char_data...
    Who knows, there are lots of cool ways to do this.

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