Re: Wait States

From: Ron Poulton (
Date: 08/03/95

As far as editing data structures does, the only structure I've bothered 
with/dared to edit was the descriptor-data structure.  Threw a byte in 
there, initialized the byte when the socket was initialized, and I was 
surprised the MUD didn't crash. <heh>.  Now it seems to work fine; just 
some betatesting required to ensure that nothing conflicts.

This is where I would install any structures regarding spell delays.  
Visually, the player would focus on the spell ("Gorath closes his eyes as 
he begins a surge of energy in his cupped hands..."), and then 2-5 
seconds later, "The ball of pure energy pierces Thruvius for 43 
damage!".  I have damage indicators laying throughout the MUD based on 
various classes and levels which makes the game a tad more realistic, 
since players were requesting it.  They just have to wait till level 5 or 
10 until they can see what's happening. <grin>.

I think the descriptor structure is also where I would place any extra 
character data.  I don't like the idea of editing the player files, 
considering I'm planning on having all the changes installed in the 
gamma release of CM3.0.

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