Re: hi all

From: Ron Poulton (
Date: 08/05/95

> > Hi all :). I'm new to the mailing list so i thought i'd say hiya. One 
> > question, how do you include the scan.c code in the mud. 
> > i've added it to the Makefile and mentioned it in the interpreter.c as 
> > do_scan. What am i missing? can some kind person please tell me the 
> > steeps i missed, or if i'm doin it all wrong (probably :P) how to 
> > implement it. 
> It is very simple
> remove scan.c from the Makefile
> add do_scan itself to act.informative.c at the very end
> and your golden
> just for your info, it is easier to include new commands in existing *.c 
> files instead of making your own *.c files cause if you make your own you 
> have to figure out what files need to be included. :)

Yeah, after the nightmare of adding my getcolor.c routines, I'm weary of 
adding more files.

But not dismayed. <grin>.  I added it to the Makefile and spent two days 
figuring out where in the getcolor.h and comm.c and act* files to add 
it.  Kinda of amusing, yet frustrating. <heh>.

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