Re: JediMUD source code...

From: Giao H Phan (
Date: 08/06/95

Jason Shanfield wrote:
> You should share this information with the few of us whodont know how to 
> get access to this code, tho it is bloated and awful (as people often say).
> I still want to see how certain things were done, like:
> the objects and mobiles removed from a zone when it idles, etc...
> Jay

yer kidding. think about it. if it's idle, remove it from memory. if it 
is no longer idle, reload it. sounds simple, in fact, it was simple to 
imp as well... part of the reward of familiarity wich mud code like this 
is the mystery surrounding the implementation of these things. how many 
imps have impressed their loyal followers with a one-line piece of code, 
then drawn a few disinterested yawns with a 500 line mod? happens to me 
all the time. cant tell if it's good or bad :)

when in doubt, take the plunge. dont look at the problem from the 
perspective of the mortal (wow, obliterate an entire piece of the world, 
only to regenerate in time of need). look at the problem from the 
perspective of the coder. it's possible, cause the jedi team (or rather, 
kahn, wasn't it?) did it. if it had really been hard, do you think those 
guys would have bothered? it's only C. this aint rocket science. you 
aint pioneering here. solve the problem:

well, the area has to idle out, so just kill it if it's "idle"
free it from memory (this is the point of this operation, aint it?)
oops, someone wants to enter an area that supposedly dont exist.
be a dear and load that puppy into memory once more, will you?

tough one, huh. have some confidence in yer ability. problems will crop 
up. solve them in the same way. the best part about doing it yourself is 
that you'll actually LEARN something. (god forbid)

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