scabbard / inventory

From: Giao H Phan (
Date: 08/06/95

perhaps those of you familiar with zebesta can vouch for their excellent 
inventory system - or rather, lack of it. the whole concept of inventory 
lacks realism to begin with. seriously, a space where you can store shit 
hanging in mid-air? you need hands to carry all that crap, and if you 
aint using yer hands, then you should be using a container. the container 
itself must be in yer hands, or else strapped onto yer body in such a way 
as to free yer hands. perhaps we are moving into the area of equip 
positions. perhaps this mod would require layered eq (at least) and 
probably limb-based weight allowances. if you realism muds are up to the 
challenge, inventory is ripe for removal.

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