Re: CircleMUD.. .listings...

From: Ron Poulton (
Date: 08/06/95

There are a few MUDs out there which don't conform completely to such 
standards.  One local CircleMUD 2.2 implementation doesn't seem to allow 
callers to access it for free; I was considering approaching them about 
it.  Could do that soon... I'm not sure how enforced the license is, but 
it's a matter of respect for the programmers/developers.


> 	Let me sum up NoMUD for the rest of the list here, a MUD with no 
> credits on the screen, appears to have three "major" changes (100 levels, 
> races, and more classes), accepts donations, doesn't have a coder, but is 
> frequently changed and "heavily modified"?
> 	Hm, so, so far it breaks the DIKU and Circle 3.0 (there is one, 
> right?) licenses, it doesn't have a coder but is "frequently updated", 
> has some nice races, but classes for dragons/vampires?!  A dragon is a 
> dragon and a vampire is a vampire, IMHO.  When was the last time you saw 
> a dragon and a vampire together anyway?  Not that I *wouldn't* do it 
> (but, I have a theme), just out of sync since dragon stories date back 
> way before vampires.  Hm, is this the MUD that said they were a CircleMUD 
> but not a DIKU?
> 	So, all the offense intended.  I don't really care about your theme 
> or features, it might be a decent MUD if, of course, it followed the 
> licenses...

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