Re: MOBProgs

From: Mark Redshaw(midnight) (
Date: 08/08/95

On Sun, 6 Aug 1995, Mattias Larsson wrote:

> I've had many requests for my port of MOBprogs to Circle 3.00, so I 
> decided to put together a patch.
> This patch only works on Circle 3.00bpl8, and I've only test compiled it, 
> not tested it in action. The code was taken from my MUD, 
> AnotherWorld @ 4000, and it works there. 
> The patch can be FTP'd from:
> Traveller@AnotherWorld
one question
I remmeber your 2.20 patch fuzzyily something about makeing the patch 
into a executeable and running it and it automatically installed itself

I could be wrong but

how do you install this patch
I am novice at C but I ask ya please dont flame me I read the docs sorta 
scanned threw em and read certain parts I wanna find otu whats intailed 
with getting this working before I read the whole thing
I dont like waisting my time in other words

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