Re: finger.

From: Pink Floyd (
Date: 08/08/95

First of all, I'm just curious... why is this addressed to me as well as the
circle mailing list? I somehow ended up getting 3 copies of it...
Anyways, I don't think its possible to always discover a user's username at the
site they are calling from.  Its quite possible that their site doesn't even
have anything like userid's or accounts.... (if you have telnet from MSDOS for
example, you have no userid.)  One thing you could try if you really wanted
to know a players userid would be to 'finger @host' and see who is logged in.
Maybe they'll be the only person on that host... or this pident thing, don't
know much about it, except that the host machine of the player must be running
it (unlikely from what I hear).
I have seen a finger command within the mud though (not Circle). You can finger
a player and it will tell you about him:
>finger gandalf
Gandalf the High Elven Wizard
Description: Blah-blah.
Last on: whatever

If you want to put in something like that...  

p.s.  I use too many elipses...

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