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From: Ole Gjerde (
Date: 08/08/95

On Tue, 8 Aug 1995, Pink Floyd wrote:

> Anyways, I don't think its possible to always discover a user's username at the
> site they are calling from.  Its quite possible that their site doesn't even

If you have the ability to find out userid, you'll find that very few 
machines actually runs identd.  One mud I'm on right now shows userid for 
5 of 16 people..

> example, you have no userid.)  One thing you could try if you really wanted
> to know a players userid would be to 'finger @host' and see who is logged in.

A lot (most commercials providers) disables this service, because this is 
a easy way for a hacker to find out if root is on.  A hacker (hopefully) 
wont try to hack a system is root is on.

> Maybe they'll be the only person on that host... or this pident thing, don't
> know much about it, except that the host machine of the player must be running
> it (unlikely from what I hear).

Yep.. The users machine has to run pidentd.  A easy way to find out if a 
machine is running identd, telnet host 113

> I have seen a finger command within the mud though (not Circle). You can finger
> a player and it will tell you about him:

Most muds I've played have this..

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