Diggin through the trash...

From: Joe (raven@skyenet.net)
Date: 08/08/95

Got a few questions on where in the code a few things are...
   (I've looked I'm just a bit lost :)
   1) in the Pet store it's got the prices for the pet's as 0 for all 
   of them..  I can't find 'em anywhere...
   2) where in the code, does it state which classes have which skills?
    I tried creating a class and when I looked at skills available it listed
    ALL of them, including all of the -UNDEFINED- Skills... in theory, you 
    should be able to limit certain skills/spells to class and by level... 'eh?
    just can't find 'em...

     Any help would be more than appreciated..

                             "everything exists in limited quantity -
			       especially happiness"...picasso.

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