Re: Diggin through the trash...

From: Ron Poulton (
Date: 08/08/95

CC: Joe <>

> Got a few questions on where in the code a few things are...
>    (I've looked I'm just a bit lost :)
>    1) in the Pet store it's got the prices for the pet's as 0 for all 
>    of them..  I can't find 'em anywhere...

This one I was told of a couple weeks ago.  The pet costs well be 3x 
their experience.  For example, if you want a kitten to cost $30, set 
their experience to 10.

Far as classes go, I haven't quite delved into them.  When I start 
developing my own classes, I'll see to posting something.  And races; I 
like the idea of races and hometowns.  Gives the game a homely feel.

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