misc changes that would be nice..

From: Ole Gjerde (gjerde@plains.nodak.edu)
Date: 08/08/95

I've got a couple of things that should be "fix"..

1.  Ban, you should be able to ban with a wildcard like: 'ban all *.nodak.edu'
    Since a lot of people use direct telnet, and it's a pain to keep typing 
    all those adresses.
2.  Unban, you should be able to do unban *, or unban all
3.  DC, you should be able to do: 'dc charname', which makes it a lot 
    easier and faster.
4.  string/set, you should be able to set name on pc's, altough I'm not 
    sure there are a 100% secure way of doing this.. Maybe check agains 
    existing players/names.
4.  set password, I tried this, but it doesn't work..  It does nothing at 
5.  set siteok, A problem with this is that you can't set it on for 
    players not logged on, either that or it puts it on for a mob if a mob 
    with that name exists.
6.  skillset, should be able to set all skills too, not just one and one.
7.  make a switch on stat to choose between mob/pcs and objs, like: 
    stat mob/obj <name>
8.  at/goto/stat/transfer, maybe check if there is a PC with that name, and 
    to that, instead of taking the first on the list.
9.  where, page break is needed on this one..
10. make a helpfile for wiz cmd.. maybe wizhelp <arg> works as help <arg>
11. make holylight default on.. I don't really see the need for this 
    command at all.

That's all the general stuff I could think of now, that I think should be 
in the gamma circle..   But I'm sure I'll come up with more small stuff.. :P

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