Re: A Circle 2.2 thingy

From: Ron Poulton (
Date: 08/10/95

> Hi all another question..   Below is the stats on a char.. which crashes the mud
>         everytime the PC tries to kill a fido.. 
> My first thought was possibly the PC name, any Ideas??
> anyhow the char is going to be re-done with a new name... to see if that one 
> fixes the problem.

I've had serious problems when it comes to strings being too long; ie, I 
set a string which can only be up to 40 characters in length to a 
50-character string, and 'gcc' doesn't seem to catch this in error 
checking.  Otherwise, I can't see what would be wrong.

I noticed that routines I wrote that accessed the descriptor data for a 
character (or a mobile) crashed when the routine attempted to access a 
mobile.  It sounds like this single character is crashing the game, 
though, however many things could be considered without knowing more 
about the MUD.  Seems odd that a single character would crash things.. be 
an idea to look at the stats, see the differences and try to duplicate 
them bit by bit to find out what's wrong.

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