Re: 2 Questions for you Mudder's

From: Ron Poulton (
Date: 08/10/95

> 1.What is the simple step by step way of adding a new zone to the MUD.

If you have all the world files ready, just select a zone, add that into 
zon/index (I think it has to be numerically incrementive.. not certain), 
and edit the rest of the index files in obj/, mob/, wld/ and shp/ 
(assuming each of those do have the appropriate zone files).  Then place 
the world files in their appropriate directories.

As far as creating zones go, it's described explicitly in building.doc.

> 2.How do you make it so in the source code that Immortals can be hit 
>   (not Gods)

Look in 'fight.c', it should be the 'damage' routine.  I'm not sure 
exactly which line it is, but there's a piece of code that returns 
'dam=0' if GET_LEVEL(ch)>=LVL_IMM (or whatever the immortal level 
constant is).  Change the LVL_IMM to whatever level you wish.

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