Compile 3.0bpl8 on Sun/Solaris

From: Jeffrey D. Frey, Jr (
Date: 08/09/95

I have been running Circle2.2 code for sometime now, but I think that it is
about time that I start to use Circle3.0 code.  I have downloaded and
compiled on an AIX system with no problem.  I have two questions regarding
this compiling on certain systems.

    1.  How can you find out what system your site is running?  I'm pretty sure
        that it is Solaris, but I don't know how to be sure of that.  

    2.  I edited the Makefile and uncommented out the Sun/Solaris gcc options
        and I received an error on comm.h right away.  It said that fd_set had
        a parse error before line 154.  I looked and I did not see a problem
        with this.  Has anyone else run into this problem?


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