Re: Compile 3.0bpl8 on Sun/Solaris

From: Herbert Kremser (
Date: 08/10/95

On Thu, 10 Aug 1995 wrote:

> I have been running Circle2.2 code for sometime now, but I think that it is
> about time that I start to use Circle3.0 code.  I have downloaded and
> compiled on an AIX system with no problem.  I have two questions regarding
> this compiling on certain systems.
>     1.  How can you find out what system your site is running?  I'm pretty sure
>         that it is Solaris, but I don't know how to be sure of that.  

uname should do that, on most unices.

>     2.  I edited the Makefile and uncommented out the Sun/Solaris gcc options
>         and I received an error on comm.h right away.  It said that fd_set had
>         a parse error before line 154.  I looked and I did not see a problem
>         with this.  Has anyone else run into this problem?

Sorry i don't have Solaris, so i can't help you there.
But it seems like a missing or wrong header file.

Make sure you have included select.h before parsing line 154.
If you have already, and still get such an error, i would recommend, look
for the definition of fd_set in the file /usr/include/sys/select.h, and
if it isn't typedefined there, check what Solaris _does_ define and
change your code to fit it.

Btw, quick-looking at the circle code, is there any special reason why 
select is prototyped in comm.h?
Usually thats the task of the system header files, (select.h in this case),
isn't it? At least using system header files seems much more safe to me.


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