2 Questions for you Mudder's

From: Graeme Mc Donough (gmcdonou@artemis.earth.monash.edu.au)
Date: 08/10/95

Hi all, I run a circle 2.2 mud down here in Australia.               
(artemis.earth.monash.edu.au 8000)

but anyhow I have 2 questions...

1.What is the simple step by step way of adding a new zone to the MUD.

2.How do you make it so in the source code that Immortals can be hit 
  (not Gods)

Ohh another question..  will the zones that have been created to work
                        with circle 2.2 plug strait into 3.0 when it
                        officially comes out??

/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-/-\-/-\ SUN
Graeme Mc Donough,                                
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WWW: http://WWW.earth.monash.edu.au:8080/People/gmc/home.html 
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