Re: A Circle 2.2 thingy

From: Alastair Neil (
Date: 08/10/95

>CC: Gary <>
>> > I noticed that routines I wrote that accessed the descriptor data for a
>> > character (or a mobile) crashed when the routine attempted to access a
>> > mobile.  It sounds like this single character is crashing the game,
>> > though, however many things could be considered without knowing more
>> > about the MUD.  Seems odd that a single character would crash
>> > an idea to look at the stats, see the differences and try to duplicate
>> > them bit by bit to find out what's wrong.
>> First when accessing ANYTHING through a pointer, make a check to make
>> sure the pointer is not null. Accessing a null pointer is the quickest
>> way th crash your mud. As for your specific problem, descriptor_data is
>> the data about the network connection for a character, so unless someone
>> is switched into the mob your code will try to access data from a null
>> pointer and *CRASH* > -- Gary
>Oddly enough, though, I switched into a mobile and it still crashed.  And
>when I switched into a linkless player, the routines worked just fine.  I
>suspect that mobiles aren't equipped with a non-NULL descriptor, and
>linkless PCs have non-NULL descriptors but are nullified in operation
>rather than in pointer.
>I suspect exploring the code further would answer these curiosities.

Often these problems arise because MOBS don't have a skills array
allocated in their stucture so if you try to reference the skills
known by a pc with a mob stucture BOOM!

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