Re: A Circle 2.2 thingy

From: Sammy (
Date: 08/10/95

On Thu, 10 Aug 1995, Ron Poulton wrote:

> > Why don't you get a good source level debugger like gdb
> > and see where and why it crashes:
> > 
> > compile with debugging turned on: gcc -ggdb will work for gcc
> > run the server under the debugger:
> > gdb bin/circle
> > gdb> run
> > ....mud output....
> > 
> > then go crash the mud, gdb should catch where it died
> How would one begin a game by calling 'circle' directly?  For me, it sits 
> there and I don't know how to actually start playing.  There a keypress 
> or something?

The reason it's sitting there is it's running as a foreground task.  
You'll need to find some way to run another task.  I'm working on my home 
linux machine, so I just hit alt-f2 to start another virtual terminal.  
If you have a second terminal connected, you could use that one to telnet 
in.  If you're working on a remote system, I think the easiest way to do 
this is run tintin on your local system.  Use one session to telnet to 
the mud system account, and another session to connect to the game port.  
I can't remeber the standard telnet port (brainfart), I think it's 23 or 24.


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