Re: Disarm

From: Burkhard Knopf (
Date: 08/10/95


>>>>> "Mark" == Mark Garringer <> writes:

 Mark> Ok, circle 2.2...

 Mark> A 1st level charcter, with no skill in disarm does not disarm.
 Mark> However, a 4th level charcter, with max skill in disarm does
 Mark> not disarm either.  A God will always disarm, however...

 Mark> code to follow:

 Mark> code to follow:

 Mark>    percent = number(1, 101); /* 101% is a complete failure */
 Mark>    prob = GET_SKILL(ch, SKILL_DISARM);
 Mark>    if (percent > prob) {
 Mark>       act ("You failed to disarm $s.", FALSE, ch, 0, victim, TO_CHAR);
 Mark>    } else {
 Mark>    disarm(ch, victim);
 Mark>    }
 Mark> }

 Mark> Help? Advice?

My first guess would be your SKILL_DISARM is the wrong skill number (since
gods have all their spells and skills to 100, even non-existent ones).

Hope this helps

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