Re: A Circle 2.2 thingy

From: Pink Floyd (
Date: 08/11/95

>   I have no problems executing a background task; often I 'autorun &' if 
>   the process was somehow halted and the server didn't compensate.  And I 
>   just telnet 0 4000 to get into the MUD (using the port suffix appropriate).
>   However, my question is how would I call up a game of CircleMUD while I 
>   was in the debugger?  "circle" runs fine on its own, but it's a matter of 
>   calling up a game of it.  Unless I run the debugger as a background process.

You can make use of a feature called 'job control'.  Run gdb, and call circle
from within it.  Then Try using Ctrl-Z to suspend the whole thing, and then
have it continue to run (gdb+circle) in the background by typing 'jobs' to
find out what job is gdb (probably [1]) and then 'bg 1' or just 'bg' if its
the only job, to run it in the background.  Then telnet in, go to the crash,
(or wherever you reach a breakpoint) and hit Ctrl-] for telnet command line
and suspend telnet and bring gdb to the front with 'fg <job number>'.
This is kind of a screwey way to do it, I much prefer Linux's virtual consoles.
Hope this helps.

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