Re: Running gdb/circle/telnet from one tty

From: Raymond J Nawara Jr. (
Date: 08/11/95

re: numerous circumlocutious ways to run gdb and mud at the same time

err, if one IS actually limited to only one shell/console (although
how this is managed I won't guess at) 

why not just make sure a core is produced on the crash, and debug
that, it IS what corefiles are for, after all. No need to have a
connection up.

One REALLY should understand the concept of processes and how unix
shells work before debugging unix code on a unix system though... Try
a simple intro to unix book out. (This isn't ment as a flame, I
learned by trial and error too, but found life much easier once I'd
skimmed a couple od intro unix shell books etc which helped put the
pieces together...)

Also, if your debugging a freshly started circle, you might want to
put some breakpoints in first, or the debugger won't give you control
until the mud crashes (i.e you might as well use a core)


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