From: Julian Fong (
Date: 08/11/95

On Fri, 11 Aug 1995, Thomas G. Dailey wrote:

> I made a spell called stupidity.  When casted on the mob, the mob loses
> -11 to int and -11 to wis.  I thought this would make it so mobs wouldn't be
> able to cast spells or at least make them fail more.  I am getting this
> SPRINTBIT ERROR! in the affect area when you stat the mob.  It does do the
> -11 to both wis and int though. *shrug*  Any ideas??
> Thanks in advance.

I assume you added an affect in structs.h. You also need to add the name 
of the affect to constants.c, to the array of strings in affected_bits[]. 
It should now be fine.



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