From: J\vrgen (
Date: 08/12/95

> I made a spell called stupidity.  When casted on the mob, the mob loses
> -11 to int and -11 to wis.  I thought this would make it so mobs wouldn't be
> able to cast spells or at least make them fail more.  I am getting this
> SPRINTBIT ERROR! in the affect area when you stat the mob.  It does do the
> -11 to both wis and int though. *shrug*  Any ideas??
> Thanks in advance.

Well, wis and int does not affect a spell at the time it's cast. 
It's based on how good you are at it, how well you have practiced it.

You could though, add something extra to the memorystructure of mobs, a
number which is a number from 1 to 101, which is the 'stupidity' of the mob, which
you have cast the spell on. So when the mob is about to cast it's spell, this number
will lower his chance to cast his spell(s).

It would be cool if you could  make the mob so 'stupid' that he casts the spell
at himself... Sorta like Jim Carrey style.. :)

Good luck dude!!

// Ziggur @ BlueMage

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