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From: Alex (
Date: 08/14/95

On Mon, 14 Aug 1995, MUD Programmer wrote:
> 1) Will we be able to add spells very easily?  I do have some coders but we
> aren't really ELITE C programmers here.. nevertheless we did manage the 
> OLE patch without the patch command (Damned thing wasn't installed).
If you can figure out how spells are coded now, you should have no problem
adding more. (=

> 2) I was wondering if the SCAN command will be put in.
I wouldn't think so, seeing that it hasn't been added to this point, and
Jeremy told me that he has frozen adding new things until 3.0 is gamma and
he is working on 3.1

> 3) Is there a way to get Dikued to work for Circle 3.x?
Why would you want this?  OLC should be completed for the final version
anyways... If you want the unix version to run separately, just customize
it somewhat to use your new flags, and use it without the ascii flags.

> 4) We are building extensively in this mud; will our obj, mob, zon and 
> wld files be able to be converted?
What exactly do you mean converted?

> 5) Can you PLEASE take the "hits <target> extremely hard" etc. output 
> from fight.c and put it into the misc text area?!  We had to work a tad 
> with fight.c (mostly cut & replace) to customize it.
It would take an nigh-complete rewrite of fight.c to do this.

> 6) What will it entail to create new races?
Almost like adding a new class.  Check how classes are added and then try
working on creating a race system that essentially duplicates the way classes
are set and whatnot.

> 7) Will there be programmable Mobs that can be programmed to do things 
> like hunt for fleeing players, attack crtain other mobs, and all that?  
> Or do we have to make grueling patches to the C code?
You get to write these.  After all, where is the fun in having every mud
looking exactly the same? (=

> 8) How about objects that, while wielded, cast spells on you, removes 
> hunger, etc.?
See #7 (=

> I know this is a huge huge wishlist, and probably not all of it can be 
> achieved, but I've seen these things on other muds, like over at 
> 4000 (Chaos I) - in fact I've seen it all there (at least 
> the cosmetic parts; I have no idea what their source code was like).
Small suggestion for you and your coders... if you want to add things like
this, try to get as far as you can on your own.  If you have difficulty,
post to the list explainging what you have done thus far and ask where you
have gone wrong or whatever.

--  Alex
"Spoon!" -- The Tick

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