Hiya folks...

From: MUD Programmer (mud@user.centcon.com)
Date: 08/14/95

We just started developing on Circlemud 3.0bp18.

I know that perhaps this will be replaced by "3.1?" (the final draft),
so I want to ask some questions... probably some lame questions.

1) Will we be able to add spells very easily?  I do have some coders but we
aren't really ELITE C programmers here.. nevertheless we did manage the 
OLE patch without the patch command (Damned thing wasn't installed).

2) I was wondering if the SCAN command will be put in.

3) Is there a way to get Dikued to work for Circle 3.x?

4) We are building extensively in this mud; will our obj, mob, zon and 
wld files be able to be converted?

5) Can you PLEASE take the "hits <target> extremely hard" etc. output 
from fight.c and put it into the misc text area?!  We had to work a tad 
with fight.c (mostly cut & replace) to customize it.

6) What will it entail to create new races?

7) Will there be programmable Mobs that can be programmed to do things 
like hunt for fleeing players, attack crtain other mobs, and all that?  
Or do we have to make grueling patches to the C code?

8) How about objects that, while wielded, cast spells on you, removes 
hunger, etc.?

I know this is a huge huge wishlist, and probably not all of it can be 
achieved, but I've seen these things on other muds, like over at 
chaos.bga.com 4000 (Chaos I) - in fact I've seen it all there (at least 
the cosmetic parts; I have no idea what their source code was like).

We're already hard at work at some things, so we'll report what we come 
up with..

Thanks for your time!  This mud is running on a site with over 100 megs, 
128 mb RAM, and a T-1 link.  We are seeking coders and room makers for a 
totally huge, totally diverse and totally, totally interactive and 
endless Mud.  We will have a BDSM, Christian, anime and other theme-type 
zones, added to the usual - EVERYTHING.  We've got the speed, and the 
capacity, and the horsepower - if you have a MUD you badly want to put 
here - try coding your new zone into our Mud :)

I project about enough room for 3 more coders/immorts (coders will be 
unkillable in this mud, but not necessarily with disciplinary powers - 
not yet), due to security issues.

Send e-mail to mud@centcon.com

-- Steve

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