Re: max player limit

From: Sammy (
Date: 08/14/95

On Mon, 14 Aug 1995, jared stein wrote:

> Have any of you ever limited the number of players ?
> I would like to implement this feature, however when the max player limit 
> is reached my gods cannot log in.
> I would like for my gods to be able to log in now matter how many over 
> the limit it is.
> Does anyone have a way or can you provide assistance in doing this.
> I am running circle 2.2
> thanks
> jared

I'm not sure if this would work in 2.2, but if I wanted to do the same in 
3.0, I'd look into the code that determines when it's full (do a grep on 
the max player variable), and change it so instead of turning people 
away, it wizlocks the game at a level high enough that only the gods you 
want on will get on.  You'll also need a check to turn this off if the 
number of players decreases.

This would keep a limit on mortals, but would allow as many gods on as 
you've got.


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