Re: Hiya folks...

From: Ron Poulton (
Date: 08/14/95

> We just started developing on Circlemud 3.0bp18.

You threw me there for a moment.  CircleMUD is 3.0bpl8.  "l" (L) instead 
of "1" (one). <grin>.

> 1) Will we be able to add spells very easily?  I do have some coders but we
> aren't really ELITE C programmers here.. nevertheless we did manage the 
> OLE patch without the patch command (Damned thing wasn't installed).

I'd like to see spells implemented via text files and an internal spell 
editor.  (Side note ;).  In fact, implementing many aspects of CircleMUD 
as text files would be of great use.  I'm having questions about adding 
'too much' to bpl8; if there's a patch, how easily, as long as I haven't 
changed any of the function headers, would the patch encorporate into my 

Oh, another question for the general populous.  How would I go about 
creating a patch file to convert one set of files to another?  Is this a 
manual process or is there something that will accomplish this task 

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