Making Patches

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Date: 08/14/95

	Well, here is an Idea I "borrowed" from Linus & Co. from the linux
	In my circlemud dist directory, I make an additional dir called
"oldsrc".  I put the original dist in BOTH the oldsrc and the src dirs.
I made all changes to the code in the src directory.

When it was time to make a patch....I cd'ed to the dir ABOVE both src and
oldsrc dirs and issued the following command:

diff -u --recursive --new-file oldsrc/ src/ > nameofpatch

Out poped a patch.  I check to see if the patch is correct.  When everything
checks out, I copy the whole contents of src to oldsrc and start anew (I'm
short on disk I cannot keep old copies....if I need to go to a 
prev. revision of a file...I still have the patches).

You could do the same with RCS....but I had many problems with it (Since I 
always forgot the names of the files I needed to work on, and I couldn't
find an elegant solution to that problem...and my Logs got buggered in the

Read the man pages for diff and patch.  They are a great help.

Mark Crichton
CoIMP of The Gathering @ 4000 (still in alpha test)

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