Re: Formations

From: Skylar Skylar (
Date: 08/15/95

> The forms are 3x3 looking like this :
>     Player1   --   player 2
>     player 3  --    --
>      --       --    --
> etc... with the leader being able to move the players to different positions.
> The problem i am having is coming up with a way to determine the 
> percentage hits of the players. For example, having player1 and player2 
> taking more hits than player3. Anybody have any ideas? or am i totally 

Why dont you try using a random draw, and weight the results with a
case statement, something like this.

This is just simple pseudo-code to illustrate the idea, I didnt really
understand how you have your formation set up. If you implement this
idea, you might want to weight it differently, giving greater chances
to the dude in front-middle position, and maybe even making no chance
of the back row behing hit (except by arrow or spells?) shrug...

  switch(number(0, 18)) {
    case 0:                        /* First row, 3X the chance to be hit */
    case 1:
    case 3:
      if (formation_array[0] != NULL)     
        return formation_array[0];
    case 4:
    case 5:
    case 6:
      if (formation_array[1] != NULL)
        return formation_array[1];
    case 7:
    case 8:
    case 9:
      if (formation_array[2] != NULL)
        return formation_array[2];
    case 10:                          /* Second row, 2X the chance */
    case 11:
      if (fomation_array[3] != NULL)
        return formation_array[3];
    case 12:
      And so on... down to the back row, with a single chance to be hit.

      log("SYSERR: Empty formation fighting.");

Notice the absence of break statements, this is to make hit-attempts
fall through to the next person and on down the line, to keep twinks
from getting to the back of an empty formation to keep from being hit.


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