Re: hunt_victim()

From: MUD Programmer (
Date: 08/15/95

I most certainly will have use for this!

There used to be this one mud at 4000 that had that for its 
Machin Shin.  If you even LIVED past its first turn attack :) and made it 
to flee, he would come ALL THE WAY back from his zone a million miles 
away, all the way to Midgaard central, and while nabbing everyone along 
the way, thus terrorizing the ENTIRE city, he would seek the guy who 
ticked him off.  This was REALLY fun!  I used to send a dummy char in to 
loot all the corpses for my main char..  Just the thing my mud would need 
to jumble up the candy that all the big league players will be hogging up 
:)  Man, when my Paladin Knight chases someone back to Midgaard and 
catches all those poor evil characters..

but that's not what this mailing list is for.. THANKS Joachim!  I can use 
this code :)

-- Steve

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