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From: Daniel [Trice] Koepke (
Date: 08/16/95

On Tue, 15 Aug 1995, Graham Gilmore wrote:

> 	Wouldn't this just make the PC one notch hungrier?  You'd need to 
> GET_COND(ch, FULL) = -1 for that... if any FULL condition of < 0 is no 
> hunger, then a mod of -25 would work fine.. but I'm not sure if that's 
> the case.  It could easily be done tho.. just change = -1 to <= -1 in the 
> appropriate spot.

	What?  What planet did you come from?  Better yet, what kind of C 
compiler do you use?

	GET_COND(ch, FULL) = -1 makes someone not get hungry.

	Changing GET_COND(ch, FULL) = -1 to GET_COND(ch, FULL) <= -1
isn't a suggested method.

	The original:

	    GET_COND(ch, FULL) += mod;

	SHOULD be right, unless Circle uses 0 as full, and the higher 
numbers for hunger (I believe only drunkness is calculated that way).

	On the subject of drunkness, why not impose some bad penalities for 
being REALLY wasted?  That is, if drunkness is > 10 or something then 
when they try to walk they have a chance to stumble and fall, or they go 
in the opposite (or a random) direction?  If they try to eat they throw 
it up (hence they loose the food and FULL isn't affected).  Can't 
successfully cast spells, miss combat rounds, and you can garble their 
speach, too :)  All rather trivial to implement, but it's a bit more 
realistic (well, kind of) and it's great fun to play with drunk people.  
You could do something like this with affects or act bits for mobiles, 
give them a timer of some sort and have the affect/act bit be removed, 
thus they sober up and are better challengers for the PCs :).   That is, 
have like a mob bit for drunkness or an affect (latter would be nice if 
possible :)) and drun mobiles are weaker while drunk, but they sober up 
after a bit of time.  Probably trivial again.

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