Re: BUG report

From: Greg Alexander Irvine (
Date: 08/18/95

> You wrote: 
> >On Thu, 17 Aug 1995, Mark Redshaw(midnight) wrote:
> >> ok when a player casts strenth on himself or others too many times 
> when 
> >> the counter goes over 100 it tends to set his strenth to 0
> >> then he cant life anything

you sure it's 100??   it should be 127 (or is it 128? :) ).  2^8. (two bytes)
although it is machine dependant: some machines/compilers dont acknowledge
sh_int as a short int, but just make it an int.. etc etc.

> same for detect invis potions also.... appears to be a general bug with 
> durations......

> hmm..... what's the number range for sh_int?   if it's not that high, 
> the when it hits the limit it will go negative..... maybe for 
> duration's a MAX duration has to be defined somewhere....

that would be my solution :)

although I removed accumulation for most spells (except str which isnt
time its affect accumulation. *shrug*).

Ted @ aka  _ R E _    (Wheel of Fortune)

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