From: Greg Alexander Irvine (
Date: 08/18/95

As far as I know  (and this is what I've used)

If you wish to use a function from a .c  (or its correspond header) file that
isn't included in the .c file you wish to use the function in all yo have
to do is declare the prototype as external.

int i_want_this_function(int some_parameter)



#include <all headers except magic.h (which deosnt exist)>

	/* declared globally any function can see the external function */
extern int i_want_this_function(int some_parameter);

void new_function(int some_parameter)
     /* or declared locally only this function can see it */
  extern int i_want_this_function(int some_paramater);
  int blah

  blah = i_want_this_function(30);

Note that you only need one of the extern prototypes above,  but I find
its best to make them global just in case I need them somewhere else in
the file.

This should work fine.   And it means you dont always have to have header
files..  although I must admit sometimes its hard to know where the
original full declaration of an extern function is :)  Thank goodness for
grep  ;)

Ted   (ok, the names Greg, but who cares right :P ).

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