Is this a BUG ? Or a feature ?

From: Katzlberger Thomas (cat@garfield.Vanderbilt.Edu)
Date: 08/18/95

Hi all !

We had a crash in limits.c point_update() !

limits.c:537: failed assertion `FALSE'

	if (j->in_obj)
		obj_to_obj(jj, j->in_obj);
	if (j->carried_by)
		obj_to_room(jj, j->carried_by->in_room);
	if (j->in_room != NOWHERE)
		obj_to_room(jj, j->in_room);
                ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ < HERE !

I am not entirely sure why this must crash the mud.
A syserror and deleting the faulty object may be a better strategy.
However it was the first time since the mud is running - as far as 
I know that it crashed here. 

Also we had a crash with a bottle that contained more liquid as it
had max content. But I couldn't get out how a player can make such 
a bottle. It crashed in look_in_object() in sprint - I guess.

Another suggestion: could we move this maillist to a newsgroup it
slowly but steadily gets a daily load of articles that swamps my
mailbox way too much.

Have fun, Kilian.

You can fimd me at: MultiMUD telnet 4242
Check it out and see which ideas you can steal :). 
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