Re: uhhh more about my mobprogram patch problems

From: Andrew Paprocki (
Date: 08/19/95

At 03:03 PM 8/19/95 -0400, you wrote:
>I did what you said didnt matter
>but the mud did compile
>there where no .rej files
>also mpcommands work
>but the only thing that appears not to work is a mobprogams themselves  
>the mud simply doesnt wanna boot when ones present

The fido example that the mobprogs comes with is wrong, that's why it
doesn't work.. mobprogs look like this

>speeg_prog blah blah
say You said something cool!
pat $n

and then you need an ending character that they don't tell you about till
way later.. of course, i'm feeling forgetful and don't remember what it is..
it's ! on the line after the ~..

Sorry if it's not that.. if it isn't that, I can go look at some of the
mobprogs i've written before and tell you what it is for sure..


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