Starting with 3.0?

From: Jeffrey D. Frey, Jr (
Date: 08/19/95

I have currently been running with 2.20 but I'm in the mood to start with
New and Improved Code :).  Sure a lot has been added to my 2.20 but there
are a couple of things that I want to be careful for before I do this.

        1.  How are the bugs, are there any major ones that I can fix right
off the bat?

        2.  In 2.20 I had to add an AFF2 and AFF3 bits to the player file
thus causing a pfile wipe.  Should I add these now or have steps been taken
to eliminate this problem.  Once I start up 3.0 I do not want to have to do
a wipe for a long, long time because my players are going to be upset as it
is. Is there any other preventive maintenace I can do before this?

Thanks for your help!

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