Re: Starting with 3.0?

From: Andrew Paprocki (
Date: 08/20/95

At 03:59 AM 8/20/95 -0400, Pete wrote:
>On Sat, 19 Aug 1995 wrote:
>>         2.  In 2.20 I had to add an AFF2 and AFF3 bits to the player file
>> thus causing a pfile wipe.  Should I add these now or have steps been taken
>	 I am just curious, having a heavily modified circle mud myself, 
>why does everyone opt for pfile wipes? why not write a little program to 
>convert your player file to the new format one? A pfile wipe seems so 
>harsh. If you are imping a mud, you should be able to imp code taht will 
>convert pfiles.

Yeah, I know.. A .c file to convert a player file while changing one or many
variables would take about 5 mins to write or less.. The only time we've had
to do player wipes was when the actual file was corrupted and couldn't be saved.


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