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From: MUD Programmer (
Date: 08/21/95

On Mon, 21 Aug 1995, Vaggelis Blathras wrote:

> > > 6) What will it entail to create new races?
> > 
> > Quick and easy (and dirty) way to add races  (for players):
> > 
> Ways to add races have been found, more than one times in this list, so 
> it is easy for one to add them. 
> But I have just a simple question/reccomendation... 
> Wouldn't it be nice to have races as a standard part in Circle 3.00..? 
> Why using 'non standard' ways in adding them..?

I fully agree.  I will talk to my coder about the possibility of offering 
our race-addition conventions, in FTP, when the mud's finished.  We have 
done a great deal with our races besides a few +/- in the str/dec/int/con 

Which reminds me... my coder is still working on figuring out Multi 
Attacks - as in, one player/mob doing 2/3 attacks per round.  Does anyone 
know how that can be done?  By my understanding, that is what an ogre can 
do (in some muds, like Perilous Realms, I could do it).

-- Steve, coming soon: ?????mud (still unnamed :-)

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