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From: Skylar Skylar (
Date: 08/21/95

> > 
> > Wouldn't it be nice to have races as a standard part in Circle 3.00..? 
> > Why using 'non standard' ways in adding them..?

Hmm, well I think everyone has their own ideas about races and what they
should/should not affect in the game. Some people probably only want them
because its one more nifty feature they can tote, these people would most
likely be opposed to any major overhauls to the mud code to add a more
complex implementation of races. Others might have ideas of doing away with
aggressives alltogether and using racial hatreds and moods and other factors
to determine who attacks who and when. This would, of course require all
mobs to have a race, which brings up a compatability question - as far as
I know, right now, you can drop any diku-compatible areas right into circle
"out of the box" and they will work, because we're fully backwards compat.
Faced with adding races to mobs, you can either add a race to all your mobs,
or use some creative coding in db.c to initialize raceless mobs, but then,
what do you do with those, how do they act, and what racial benefits do
they get? I for one, am happy with the features of circlemud, theres not
too many that it precludes stripping stuff out to make a radically different
mud, and theres enough to give you a good starting point to let you code
your own ideas from, and add your own flavor to. 
- Just my humble, long-winded opinion :)

> Which reminds me... my coder is still working on figuring out Multi 
> Attacks - as in, one player/mob doing 2/3 attacks per round.  Does anyone 
> know how that can be done?  By my understanding, that is what an ogre can 
> do (in some muds, like Perilous Realms, I could do it).

I make some checks for skills, dex, and magically enhanced speed, then
just make more calls to hit() to accomplish multi-attacks. As well as
calling a second-hand hit function for people wielding two weapons.
One thing you want to be really sure of when adding multiple attacks,
is making all the checks to see if both people are alive, fighting,
in the same room, and whatnot. I think one of the most posted titles on
this list is: "I added multiple attacks and now I get a segmentation
fault whenever someone dies!"


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