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From: Christopher Busch (
Date: 08/21/95

On Tue, 22 Aug 1995, NITRO wrote:
> Hullo Chris,
> Saw ur mail to the circle mailist.
> Although it would be nice to be able to talk to NPCs, it still must
> serve a purpose. Unless you are about to enter into the field of AI

  I liked the play of the Ultima series.  The NPCs could give you clues 
about the area you were in.  It is quite silly that NPCs say nothing when 
talked to.  

> and expert system, it is very hard to predict what players will tell
> or ask NPCs. Of course expletives

You would design the NPC talk database around keywords.  That is how 
Ultima did it (although this is not necessary to do so with my system).  

> ened out using a database
> of vulgarities, but how about the different style of speech and all
> the abbreviations mudders used when they gossip through the b
> andwidth?

Quite irrevelant.  It would become part of the game to learn the 
information that the NPCs have.

> It will be a huge database and 
> herently, the whole system is going
> to slow down tremendously.

I dont think so.  The point of the database would be to give clues and 
game hints.  Not to be a full blown person in RL.  Other people are 
better at that!

> But why not post ur codes in C++ ? I am sure many will welcome the
> expansion possibility of C++ codes and OO.  

My eliza system (which is called chat) has been publicly available for 
some years now.  You can check it out at

> Nitro

If anything else, it could be an optional addition to CircleMUD.  Through 
the use of #ifdef's.

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